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Natural history storytelling with impeccable accuracy and creative originality.

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About Obsessively Creative

Passionate about nature, creative in storytelling and obsessed with accuracy, Obsessively Creative specializes in high-end natural history films for the global television audience.


Our Portfolio

Documentaries Image.jpg

  • Wild Oman: Wonder of Oman – 2 Hour 4K special (2022)

  • Frozen Islands -  2 Hour HD special (2019)

  • Predator Land - Trilogy (2018)

  • Africa’s Trees of Life  – Trilogy (2017)

  • Timbavati – Trilogy (2012)

  • White Lions of Timbavati: Living Wild -  2 Hour HD special (2012)

  • Sharkvile: 1 Hour Special (2008)


Obsessively Creative studios also offer the service of producing media content from pre-production through to post–production. We work extensively with international companies to create top-notch co-productions as well as provide international production facilitation for documentaries, travel, photography and online media within the Republic of South Africa. We now offer companies the opportunity to help create promotional videos and filler content for online platforms and social media. Our Stock library houses a collection over 250 hours of both of HD, 2K and 4K quality. All footage is available licensing. 

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Digital Content Image.jpg

Digital Content 
  • Casio Promotional videos – Pro – Trek 

  • Casio Promotional videos – G-Shock 

  • Casio Promotional videos – Baby-G

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